AXON Motorcycles


0-100 km/h < 3 sec
Top Speed 150km/h


Air-cooled, radial flux, interior permanent magnet brushless motor.


52kw, 157nm (motor)
850nm (axle)

Range (7kwh)

City 150km
Highway 90km

Formally ED Motorcycles


Riding the streets on a high-performance motorcycle compares to nothing else. A connection with a highly refined machine capable of acceleration that is beyond the senses.

The electric drive train has transformed the motorcycle in both form and function and provides a riding experience like nothing before.

Axon Motorcycles is intent on delivering this technology and riding experience to riders across the globe with uniquely designed and engineered motorcycles that excite and inspire.

Concept Z

Acceleration - Style - Simplicity

The electric street tracker designed for extreme acceleration up to a top speed of 150km/h.

Maximum linear torque from zero rpm in combination with a strong lightweight frame and components, this machine is one of the fastest accelerating 0-100km/h motorcycles in the world.

Flat tracker inspired styling, spartan design and an aggressive stance, the Concept Z is like nothing seen before.

Torque on Demand

850Nm @ rear axle provides effortless acceleration and response

Co-axial Swingarm

Elimination of chain length deviation with suspension travel for a smooth chain slap free riding experience.

Minimal Maintenance

Completely air cooled with Zero fluids

Simply Advanced

One gear, No clutch, Extreme Linear Acceleration

Street Tracker Style

Spartan and aggressive in stance the Concept Z is like no other motorcycle on the road

High Performance Lithium

Utilizing the most power and energy dense Lithium cells on the market


Air-cooled, radial flux, interior permanent magnet brushless motor.


Sevcon Gen 4 size 6 775amp motor controller


52kw,157nm (motor) 850nm (axle)


99v High Performance Lithium configurable up to 7kw/h


19" rims front and rear, 130/80-19 (front) 140/80-19 (rear)


Direct drive 5.416:1 ratio


4 piston front on 298mm disc, single piston rear on 220mm disc


Front - 43mm telescopic fork, Rear - coil over shock


0-100 km/h < 3 sec
Top Speed 150km/h

Range (7kwh) - City

150km Highway: 90km

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